All the pictures I’ve shot of this restaurant, I never cropped them down. I should see what my night time shots look like.

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In 2012 I wrote about Otomisan, the last remaining Japanese restaurant in Boyle Heights. Located on East First Street since the 1950s, they are a part of a small handful of Japanese churches, a school, and florist that have remained in the area from the early-20th century. This week L.A. Letters spotlights three remaining Japanese spaces clustered within a block of each other on First Street in Boyle Heights: the Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Temple, Tenrikyo Church, and Rafu Chuo Gakuen, the Japanese school on Saratoga Street. Similar to Otomisan, these venerated spaces have a longstanding history and intimate connection with the Boyle Heights Japanese community. (via Japanese Boyle Heights in the 21st Century | LA Letters | Departures Columns | KCET)


"Songs in the Key of Los Angeles" on Flickr.

This is from the exhibit at the Central Public Library downtown. Go check out the musical history our town.


Lotus on Flickr.

The lotus have been reintroduced to Echo Park lake and they are stunning. There are even beds of water lilies all over the place.


Black Shakespeare at Stones Throw Picnic @grandperfs (at Grand Performances)

Last night at California Plaza

  1. Camera: Nikon D3100
  2. Aperture: f/4.5
  3. Exposure: 1/500th
  4. Focal Length: 18mm


Has one of the old Times buildings been unearthed? A structure recently uncovered in downtown L.A. could be the basement or foundation of the old Times building that once stood at North Broadway and West 1st Street, the site of a bloody chapter in the paper’s history. 

Reporter Howard Blume writes about the 1910 bombing of the building by militant unionists

The paper had opened for business in a nearby location as the Los Angeles Daily Times on Dec. 4, 1881, one of a number of newspapers in the bustling town, and not widely regarded as the best — especially in the view of labor organizers. The paper was virulently anti-union in its editorial policy and practices.

In 1886, at a cost of $50,000, Col. Harrison Gray Otis opened The Times’ second building, a three-story brick and granite structure, at the site now being developed. A more compact six-story adjacent structure housed the printing plant by 1910.

At 1 a.m. on Oct. 1, 1910, a dynamite charge exploded just outside the building and nearby gas lines sparked a disastrous fire.

In the city room, three people were killed or fatally injured, according to an official exhibit in the L.A. Times Globe Lobby. Two died in the telegraph room; 16 in the linotype and composing room. Eight bodies were found at the bottom of a freight elevator shaft.

The newspaper had trouble getting the numbers to add up — various published accounts over the decades put the death toll between 20 and 30.

The newspaper did not miss a day — another paper offered the use of its presses.

Read more here.

Photo: The building that housed the Times starting in 1886 and was destroyed in the 1910 bombing. Credit: Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles General Hospital, Los Angeles, California
via Boston Public Library

Behemoth city hospital. 

The gates are mostly gone now and the new modern buildings block out the unused sections of the art deco building.


Comics vs Toys and Johnnie JungleGuts are thrilled to present a Cosplay fashion show starting promptly at 2:00! Anyone can participate just be at the Hammer by 1:00! We want to see all the great, wild, and outrageous cosplay efforts in LA, which will be broadcast live on KChung Radio TV! The fashion show will be judged by artists Jennifer Moon and Juan Martin del Campo as well as filmmaker James Raymond and musician and Germs band member Don Bolles! Winners of the fashion show will be receiving prizes such as a set of X-Men comics and a 36 page binder filled with 1990 Marvel Trading cards! Also, the first fifteen cosplayers to show up will receive a Silver Age DC comic!

As an aside, all Pokemon trainers are asked to please team up with a fellow trainer and report to the Hammer for a OU and under doubles team up tournament, smogon rules!

This is a tournament in which trainers will compete in double battles in teams of two, with each trainer selecting three pokemon out of a pool of six for each battle! Prizes for winning include a Shiny Gengar and Shiny Fennekin! The tournament will run from 12:30 to 4:00!

Come on out to the Hammer this Saturday!


Article on a 1930s LA road project that had massive impact, and not in such a good way.

Sharing because the info is such a hotbed of Deco, which was being built all over that area at the same time as this project. -Wendy